Autism: Kate’s Journey to Optimal.

Autism Kate's Journey to OptimalGood morning!  Today I’m doing something different with the blog.  I’m posting my first podcast with Kate Towler.  Where the two of us discuss Autism: Kate’s Journey to Optimal.

In the video we talk about Kate’s background and her experience with Autism as a patient and as a parent.  Kate also talks what is Autism and how it effects people.  Mainstream treatments and how following Dr Jack Kruse’s Leptin Rest, Cold Thermogenesis, Epipaleo eating, and leveraging Light, Water and Magnetism helped her and her family find success in helping her children who also have Autism.

I hope you enjoy this amazing discussion with an amazing woman, mother, and wife.

If you’d like to read more about Kate’s Journey stop by Dr Kruse’s forum to read about her journey and her success!  You can also read about her husband’s Chris’s journey and his success as well.