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Circadian Cycles

Biohacking HCG

Over the past year I’ve been biohacking HCG. Why did I biohack HCG?   Well, I’m fat.  I’m over weight and I have been for the past 15 years. Technically I’m obese when you look at my statistics.   I’m 5’3″ tall and my weight has hovered between 165-175lbs for the past two years, with […]

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Autism: Kate’s Journey to Optimal.

Good morning!  Today I’m doing something different with the blog.  I’m posting my first podcast with Kate Towler.  Where the two of us discuss Autism: Kate’s Journey to Optimal. In the video we talk about Kate’s background and her experience with Autism as a patient and as a parent.  Kate also talks what is Autism and how […]

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Winter Solstice the longest night

Today is Winter Solstice the longest night. Astronomically winter beings today. Today the ancients of old lit fires to ward off the the dark of night in preparation for the renewal of year with the returning light of the sun. Yet today we do not know the darkness. In a world of 24-hour light we’ve forgotten […]

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Quantum Health Model and Chaos N=1

In the Paleo and Biohacking worlds we always talk about N=1.  But what’s the best way to put N=1 into perspective with regards to your own health. Recently, I introduced the Quantum Health Model over on Dr. Jack Kruse’s website.  Today I’m going to show you how to leverage the model to help you figure […]

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Zeroing in on the Underlying Causes

Over the past few weeks, my PCP has run several tests, and I’ve had two consults with Dr. Jack Kruse.  What have we discovered?  We’ve discovered that circadian cycles, is a huge driver for me.  I have to fix the light mismatches going on.  What does that mean?  It means LIGHTS OUT As soon as […]

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