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Environment Influences Health and Wellness

Environment influences Health and wellness.  Two years ago I began to understand how it impacted my health.  Since then I’ve been actively seeking a solution that mitigates environmental influences on my health and that of my family’s. My first order of business was to ensure that I had tools that would help mitigate the environmental […]

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PTSD: Silent Suffering

This is a personal subject for me.  One that hits close to home. I have PTSD, from my time being in the military, as well as from being a first responder during 9/11. I was never in a warzone.  I still have things that trigger me. My own experience with PTSD showed me how I […]

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Pain: What to do when drugs fail?

I had my first migraine when I was 10.   I was at school, in immense pain.  Light hurt. Sound hurt. Being touched hurt.  My neck and shoulders were tight with tension on my right, the sharpest pain behind and above my right eye. The school nurse had my parents pick me up from school, and […]

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Paleo Japanese Curry (karei raisu)

Have you ever craved something that you haven’t had in a long time?  Well that happened to me over the weekend. I just had to have japanese curry – also known as karei raisu.  I have particular memory of hitting up CoCos in Chatan Cho right outside Gate 2 Street next to Kadena Air Base […]

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