EMF impacts your health

When the world you know is incorrect, you need to adjust your perspective so you can see it as it actually is, instead of believing that which isn’t true. – Gretchen Bronson

I’ve been documenting my struggle with PCOS, Migraines, and high Fasting Blood Glucose levels for several months here on my blog.  It’s time for an update.  Many people have contacted me privately asking when I was going to be reporting on my N=1 Cold Thermogenesis experiment that I started back in November 2012.  I’ve been waiting, because I wanted to discuss the set of lab work I had run back on the 21st of December 2012.

I got my labs back on Monday 21 January 2013.  The data I received at my PCP’s was interesting to say the least, and it wasn’t at all what either of us expected.   In two months I went from making forward progress, to a backward slide of EPIC proportions.  My PCP couldn’t explain it.   My initial response in my head was WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?  I ate clean.  I was CTing my ass off in the stock tank. I was adhering to circadian cycles strictly.  Intuitively, I knew what caused this back slide, but was struck by the magnitude of what my environment was doing to me, even though I was perfect in diet, exercise, CT, Circadian Cycles, and Sleep.

 That morning, I was privileged to have the opportunity to preview Dr. Jack Kruse’s EMF2 blog. Reading EMF2 was both empowering, and daunting in all that it lays forth.  But when I read it I didn’t realize the implications it actually had on me until I was sitting in my PCP’s office, getting my lab results. EMF impacts your health, I could  see it in my labs.

HOLY SHIT!  OMFG! SHIT!  The pit of my stomach dropped out from beneath me.   For every individual out there that clamors that we need more clinical trials on drugs, and how we should manage disease: LOOK NO FURTHER.   I. AM. YOUR. CLINICAL TRIAL.   Oh, and by the way SO. ARE. YOU.  That’s right every person reading this blog is a clinical trial.  MY N=1 holds more power than I could have ever imagined.  EMF impacts your health, whether you recognize it or not

So, for those of you reading for the first time, I’m a soon to be 40yo woman struggling with migraines, PCOS, high fasting blood glucose, hypothyroidism, and I can’t lose weight regardless of diet or exercise.  I work in a windowless office building 8-10hrs a day, illuminated with florescence light. I get up between 530-6am every day, get everyone ready and out the door to daycare and work. I Commute to work in one of the worst cities for traffic in the world. I’m using Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy to treat my migraines and PCOS, I’m taking armour to treat the hypothyroidism, I’m taking metformin to address the PCOS and the fasting Blood Glucose issues, and cycloset to help reset my circadian cycles and address the fasting blood glucose.  I eat epi-paleo, and I CT almost daily.

So, what happened? My Labs Tanked.

In October 2012 – my Progesterone:Estradial (Pg:E2) ratio was 104, Ideally it should be above 400.  In December 2012 my Pg:E2 ratio dropped to 59!  At the end of October we increased the percentage of my Bio-Identical Hormones from 5% to 10% and we increased the Dosages.  My Pg:E2 should have gone up, but it didn’t.

The following labs also decreased:

TestosteroneOct 201247 ng/dlDec 201235 ng/dl
IGF-1Oct 2012240 ng/mlDec 2012231 ng/ml
 DHEAOct 2012344 ug/dlDec 2012267 ug/dl
ProlactinOct 2012 3.8 ng/dlDec 2012 3.2 ng/dl
 HsCRPOct 2012.4 mg/LDec 2012.2 mg/L
 HbA1COct 2012 5.6%Dec 2012 5.3%

The decrease in my hsCRP is a good thing, because it means CT is helping me live in a reduced metabolic state.  CT is also helping keep my Blood glucose down across an extended period, even though I still have high fasting am blood glucose levels.

The following Labs increased:

EstradiolOct 2012 90 pg/mLDec 2012174 pg/ml
ProgesteroneOct 201210.9 ng/dlDec 201212.7 ng/dl
LDL Oct 2012243 mg/dl Dec 2012285 mg/dl
TRIGs Oct 201266 mg/dlDec 201290 mg/dl
HDLOct 2012 66 mg/dl Dec 201271 mg/dl
BUN/Creatine RatioOct 201220Dec 2012 27

Some of these increases are good, and some are not so good.   The positive is my HDL increased as did my Progesterone. However,  my Estridol increased negating any gains I’d made with progesterone over these three months and it caused my Pg:E2 ratio to plummet.  Two more counts against me are the increasing trigs, and my increased BUN/Creatine ratio which indicates I’m extremely dehydrated.

My thyroid has had some serious swings as we continued to work on my armor dosage. Unfortunately I’m not at the right level yet, and I’m going to need to re-test again in four to six weeks after I’ve been on 120mg of Armour to see if we’ve found the sweet spot.

Over the past eleven months we’ve thrown everything including the kitchen sink to get my issues under control.  We should have seen forward progress… not the backward progress, where I went from being a soon to be 40 year old woman trying to treat a few challenging medical issues that could have an impact on my health, to a woman whose labs resembled a 60 year old woman in menopause struggling with her health across the board.  In two months I aged 20 years according to my labs.

How?  It all goes back to  EMF2  which Jack Kruse gave me a peak of on Monday morning.  What caused this rapid aging? Jack lays out how this happens in the EMF2 blog, and its pretty powerful, and based of the work of the greatest mind to grace human kind: Einstein. But in a nutshell: Electromagnetic Frequency. Yes I said EMF. Break out your tinfoil hats ladies and gentlemen you’re going to need them, because EMF impacts your health.

I work in a building that is a giant EMF Avalanche.  I can walk into this building every day with a fully charged iPhone, turned to airplane mode, and come out after an 8 hr day with less than 20% charge.   All the phone is doing is sitting on my desk or in my backpack.  I’m not using it.   If this building is doing that to the phone – what is it doing to my body?  In two months it aged me 20 years at the biochemical level.

What does this tell me? Where you live, and the environment you spend the most time in has the greatest impact upon your health.  You can eat clean, work out at the proper time, CT, pay attention to circadian light cycles and seasonal eating – but if you’re living or working in an area of EMF pollution it’s not going to matter, unless you can re-charge your SCN with the earths magnetic field via the Schumann_Resonances.[1]

So. What am I going to do with this newfound insight?  I’m still struggling with the implications of what this means for me, and for my family, especially Chaos and Havoc and how I’m going to mitigate what’s happening to me. Monday I was given a great and wonderful gift.  It opened my eyes, and I can no longer ignore that which is directly in front of me. Open your eyes you’ve been blinded by incongruent thoughts and actions.  When you see the truth in its pure form as nature intended – it will astound you at its simplicity and beauty.  It may also scare the shit out of you as well, but now that you know the truth you can fix yourself, through change.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances