Environment Influences Health and Wellness

Environment Influences Health and WellnessEnvironment influences Health and wellness.  Two years ago I began to understand how it impacted my health.  Since then I’ve been actively seeking a solution that mitigates environmental influences on my health and that of my family’s.

My first order of business was to ensure that I had tools that would help mitigate the environmental impacts.   I invested in magnetico mattress pads for my family.  Given the non-native EMF we lived in, everyone got a 20 gauss magnetico pad.   We also stopped drinking fluoridated water.  I set up delivery from a local supplier of Reverse Osmosis water.  My husband started turning breakers off at night.  We  limited artificial blue light at night, and every one in the family got their own pair of UVEX Blue Blockers to wear at night.

My second order of business was changing my work environment.  I was positive the majority of the negative environmental influence arose from where I worked on a daily basis.

I was sure I’d see changes in my lab work that would show improvement based upon all my changes. Boy was I surprised at my next set of labs.  While I did see improvement, I hadn’t solved the problem.  At the same time Chaos began to have issue with her thyroid and she was looking at a Hashimoto’s diagnosis at 5 years old.

It was at this point that I began to look at the one environment that I hadn’t looked at very closely, when I started to make changes,  our home.

I borrowed an Alpha UHS gauss meter from my friend Christi and began taking readings of the house.  I was in for a wake up call, I just didn’t know it.

The best reading in our house was 3 milligauss; the worst was over 500 milligauss in the kids room. Ranges associated with childhood cancers are between 2-4 milligauss.   The lowet reading was outside by a mature conifer tree at 1.5 milligauss; with the average reading being 2 milligauss.  While measuring outside I discovered that the electrical box where electricity entered the house generated a readings over 750 milligauss, with spikes over 800 milligauss.

Those readings motivated us to move!

It took almost one year for everything to fall into place so we could put our house on the market and begin looking for a new place to live.

I used the same Alpha UHS Gauss meter to help us narrow down potential houses for us out in the country.

We looked for property that had readings of less than 1 milligauss.  We ruled out houses that had had Smart Meters.  It took us several months to find our new house.  The new house’s highest reading is .05 milligauss and the lowest is .01 milligauss out in our yard.

Its peaceful here.  The wild life is diverse.  Frogs, blue tailed skinks,  black bear, fox, dear, vultures, hawks and eagles have grace our new house.

So far we’ve only been here for eight months, but the whole family have seen changes.   Sleeps become awesome.  Chao’s labs returned to normal range and her endo thinks we’ve reversed her Hashimoto’s through diet and environmental changes. Havoc’s speech has improved to the point he no longer qualifies for county services.

My postprandial blood glucose spikes have decreased in frequency and my migraines are easier to eliminate, with eating oysters when I do get one.

Where you live, work, play, and sleep directly impacts your health and wellness. Changing your zip-code directly influences your health. So when you’re perfect in diet, circadian cycles and Cold Thermogeneis and you’re still having issues, it’s time to look at the environment you live in.

I did, and the move made all the difference.