Optimal Labs for Biohacking

I’ve received lots of questions about what Labs I use for my quarterly biohacks since the Heal your Hormones Bootcamp kicked off last month. Over the past two years I’ve established a habit of running labs every quarter. I consider these the optimal labs for biohacking.  I’m lucky that Optimal Labs for Biohackingmy PCP supports my efforts to achieve optimal health.  My PCP provides me guidance and recommendations on what Labs we should run based upon previous labs. However, I do have a set of labs that I run regularly that help me, my PCP and my BHRT Doc figure out what if any adjustments need to be made regarding my Thyroid medication, my BHRT, and and what trends are particular for my N=1.

The following are the labs I run quarterly with both the CPT codes and the Test numbers.  The CPT codes and Test Numbers usually are standard across different labs – but verify with the lab company who has the contract with you health insurance company.  You can easily check lab CPT codes and Test Numbers at both Quest Diagnostics and Lab Corp sites.

  • VAP Lipid panel  CPT Code 83701; 84478, or
  • NMR Lipid panel Test #884247 CPT Code 80061; 83704
  • hsCRP test #120766, CPT Code 86141
  • Fasting blood glucose  Test # 001818, CPT Code 82947
  • HbA1C Test # 00145, CPT Code 83036
  • CBC Test # 005009, CPT Code 85025
  • Comp Metabolic Panel  Test # 322000, CPT code 80053
  • TSH, Test # 004259, CPT Code 84443
  • Free T4, Test # 001974, CPT code 84439
  • Free T3,  Test # 010389, CTP Code 84481
  • RT3,  Test # 070104, CPT 84482
  • Progesterone, Test # 004312, CPT Code 84144
  • Estradiol, Sensitive,  Test # 140244, CPT Code 82670
  • Total Estrogens  Test# 004549, CPT Code 82672
  • SHGB Test #082016 CPT Code: 84270
  • Testosterone Free Direct, & serum with Total Testosterone:  Test # 140103, CPT Codes 84402, 84403
  • Prolactin Test # 004465, CPT code 84146
  • cortisol Test # 004051, CPT Code 82533
  • DHEA-S Test # 004020, CPT Code 82627
  • IGF-1  Test #010636, CPT Code 84305
  • RBC magnesium  Test # 080283, CPT Code 83735
  • Vitamin D25 Hyrdoxy Test # 081950, CPT code 82306
  • Serotonin Test# 120204, CPT Code 84260 (requires frozen specimens)
  • Pregnenolone Test# 140707, CPT Code 84140 (requires Frozen specimens)

I also try to run an Adrenal Stress Index at least once or twice a year.  I usually run one in summer and one in winter. I just finished a 28 day ASI with complete hormones and melatonin. I’m looking forward to see what that my results are on that test.

I’ve also had my genetic profile run through 23andMe; however with the current restrictions placed upon 23andMe by the FDA its going to be hard for consumers to gain access to their genome.  The good thing is if you’ve already had your 23andMe run before the 22nd of November 2013, you can download your raw data at MTHFR Support using Sterling Hill’s app. You’ll run your raw data from 23andMe through this tool and you’ll get a 19 page report.  Additionally, Genetic Genie is another great place to deconstruct your raw data from 23andMe.

However, if you haven’t run your 23andMe data, or you were planning to wait until the new year, you currently won’t have access to the genetic data until there’s a resolution between 23andMe and the FDA. If you still have concerns about defects like MTHFR you can get screened through HDL labs, Labcorp and Quest diagnostics.

  • MTHFR  C677T & A1298C mutations Test # 511238, CPT code 81291

While the tests above aren’t as comprehensive as 23andMe it will provide individuals looking for further information a chance to test for MTHFR defects while 23andMe resolves the FDA restrictions placed upon the genetic testing they offer.  I hope this will be resolved shortly as I’ve found critical information about myself – that is not only pertinent to me but to Chaos and Havoc as well.

I hope this helps you figure out what labs you want to run as you biohack your way to optimal health.  If you’d like to learn how to get your labs paid for checkout my free E-course: Getting your Labs Covered by Your Health Insurance.