Searching for Connection

Searching for ConnectionEarlier this week I had an opportunity to listen to the Dr. Jack Kruse’s Q&A session with Jeremy Thomley of Mowhawk Steel Company.  His story is compelling.  What he does is AMAZING!  This webinar and Q&A were very powerful.  It caused me to stop and look at my current state of affairs and look at the interactions I have with the people in my life.  What I find interesting is how people move in and out of my life due to my personal evolution.

In this evolution my husband and I have built a new connection. When we were listening to the March Q&A – Jeremy made a comment (I forget what it was) and as I started to type something in the chat window my husband told me you’re going to say you love walking barefoot in the woods. I looked at him and asked how’d he know that.  He said I know you. I know your thoughts.

This is the connectedness we seek  because we’ve lost it. I now understand why people have a calling to go to church (I don’t).  I now understand that is a place where many can find connectedness in a world of disconnectedness. This is a revelation for me. Connectedness is integral in survival of the human spirit. Technology has separated us from the true heartbeat of our soul. The problem is we’ve been blinded by its illusion. Its amazing how many people allow technology to dominate everything they do. Society has bought into the concept that technology will make our lives easier. Yet it doesn’t.

I want to be connected. I want to be a part of the flow, the energy of life. I want to see the beauty in everything, to include the ugly. I want to shape the present and the future by connecting with people. I want to teach what I know and how it can help improve lives. I want to touch others as the people who’ve cheered me on in my journey have touched me. I want to build a community. I want to shape that community toward changing the environment around us.

I think we’re all shamans in our own right. We each have something to teach and share. We each have value. Connecting is how we unleash the power within, and the power of others. Connection is our birth right within humanity. This is why kangaroo care is so powerful with NICU babies. Connecting is how we touch and build trust. Connecting is how we build relationships. Its how we relate. It’s how we understand what others are going through. It defines us as humans. It binds us to community, to family, to friends. It builds us up and helps us shine. We’re all searching for connection. We’re all searching for something to fill us up, so we can in turn fill others up with the same feelings. Take the time today to stop and connect.