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Autism: Kate’s Journey to Optimal.

Good morning!  Today I’m doing something different with the blog.  I’m posting my first podcast with Kate Towler.  Where the two of us discuss Autism: Kate’s Journey to Optimal. In the video we talk about Kate’s background and her experience with Autism as a patient and as a parent.  Kate also talks what is Autism and how […]

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EMF impacts your health

When the world you know is incorrect, you need to adjust your perspective so you can see it as it actually is, instead of believing that which isn’t true. – Gretchen Bronson I’ve been documenting my struggle with PCOS, Migraines, and high Fasting Blood Glucose levels for several months here on my blog.  It’s time […]

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Hormones, Fasting Blood Glucose and CT

It’s past time for an update.  Between work, being a mom and wife, and trying to wrangle the cats that make up my health I’ve been a bit busy of late.   So here’s where things stand.  In September and October my Primary Care Physician (PCP) ran a bunch of labs.  We quickly discovered through labs that my […]

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Hormones, the link between Fasting Blood Glucose and PCOS

So it’s been a little over a month since I’ve been on the cycloset.  And what an interesting month it has been.  As I’ve tracked my FBG across my cycle I’ve discovered a correlation between my FBG levels and my Progesterone levels.  What?  How is insulin connected to hormones you ask?  “Insulin is a hormone, produced by […]

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