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Optimal Labs for Biohacking

I’ve received lots of questions about what Labs I use for my quarterly biohacks since the Heal your Hormones Bootcamp kicked off last month. Over the past two years I’ve established a habit of running labs every quarter. I consider these the optimal labs for biohacking.  I’m lucky that my PCP supports my efforts to achieve […]

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Quantum Health Model and Chaos N=1

In the Paleo and Biohacking worlds we always talk about N=1.  But what’s the best way to put N=1 into perspective with regards to your own health. Recently, I introduced the Quantum Health Model over on Dr. Jack Kruse’s website.  Today I’m going to show you how to leverage the model to help you figure […]

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Open Enrollment Comparing Options

Open enrollment is in full swing, and many have asked me what’s the best way compare the options that are out there.   For me, open enrollment comparing options started with figuring out where I could find the information to begin my comparison.  I hope what I’ve found over the past 4 weeks will help you […]

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Appealing Health Insurance Claims

How do you navigate your health insurance? This is a question many haven’t really faced recently, given the changing climate of health insurance, with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act of 2010. It’s important as consumers each of us understand how to ensure we received both coverage and payment for services covered under the […]

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