Take a Break from Biohacking

Take a break from biohackingI’ve been focused on improving my health for the past fourteen years.  Each year my focus has sharpened to reverse the medical conditions I’ve struggled with over my lifetime.

I’ve had amazing successes on my journey to reversing my fibromyalgia & bipolar disorder. I’ve discovered that I’m one of those unique asthmatics who don’t respond to medications and I’ve worked with my doctors to come off asthma drugs without any problems.  I haven’t had serious issues with my lungs in over a year and half!

Yet, I’m still struggling. Last fall and winter I gained 30 pounds.  I had challenges managing my Fasting Blood Glucose, even though I was strict keto and ate no sugar.  You can read about my struggle and the things I discovered in a blog I wrote for Ameer Rosic.

By spring I was so frustrated with my weight and FBG I was ready to throw in the towel.

BUT… I didn’t.

After listening to Dave Asprey and Dr. Patel’s webinars during Dr. Kruse’s Optimal Reset, I began to wonder if I was too focused?  Then after listening to Dr. Kruse’s webinar with Jeremey Thomley and reading Tensegrity 1: Jeremy spoke in class today, I realized that my focus on biohacking to improve my health had short circuited living life!

Wait, isn’t biohacking supposed to improve life?  Normally yes!

Yet I was so focused on it that I was missing life!

So I decided to take a break from Biohacking.

I put my blog on the backburner.  I postponed my summer labs. I stopped focusing on making sure I was in ketosis.  I splurged and I had sushi with gluten free soy sauce.  Gasp!  I ate rice!

And guess what?  Nothing bad happened!

Yes, I was still having challenges with my weight and my fasting blood glucose, but I was back to enjoying everything going on in my life again.  I rediscovered the joy in the small things, and stopped fretting about the things I couldn’t control.

Stopping for a short time and embracing life allowed great things to happen without focusing on the details.  During this break where my focus was living life, two more changes occurred that profoundly changed my perspective.

Moving and HCG.  (I’ll tell you more about these two changes in future blogs!)

I’m so glad I stopped and re-focused on life. I’m happier, as is my family.  Sometimes just taking time out from the daily grind helps you re-focus on the really important things, instead of focusing on things that have no meaning and don’t really matter in the big scheme of things.

Have you stopped and re-embraced life to find it benefited your journey?  Drop me a note and tell me how it changed your life.