Toxic Hair Care: Just Another Bad Hair Day???

Toxic Hair Care

I don’t know about you but I had my share of bad hair days!  From the chlorine green from swimming in my youth to split ends, grey hairs, fading color and trips to the salon for torture treatments to beautify myself. Like many of you I’ve been searching for the ultimate hair product to make it look luxurious,without breaking the bank or being toxic to my health.  So far I’m 0 for 3. How about you?

Last summer in addition to kicking all commercial facial products to the curb I did the same with my toxic hair care products. I also looked to my kitchen as my inspiration.  I embrace the concept of “No Poo”.  Yeah, you read that right no Shampoo in my house.  I went full bore and embraced the baking soda and apple cider vinegar method for cleaning my hair.  Unfortunately this effort fell FLAT.

You see, I have a lot of baby fine hair and when I stopped using commercial hair products (aka toxic hair care) that stripped my natural oils, my scalp went crazy.  I needed something to help me transition to a “No Poo” routine.  So I went out and tried several different brands from Miessence to Desert Essence.  While both brands worked, I still needed lots of conditioner to get the knots out.  So, I was still left searching for the perfect “No Poo” product for my hair.

Then one day I was back at my favorite local Mom & Pop Organic food store and I ran across a product I had previously used before and during my pregnancy with Chaos.  For some reason I discontinued using the product, even though I’d had some success with it.  So I figured why not give it a go, one more time.

This time around was amazing.  I’m in love with my hair again.  Its soft, silky, and any knots I have after washing and conditioning come right out.   I’ve also easily transitioned to washing my hair one time a week.  That alone, extended the last time I colored by almost 6 months! And roots were almost indistinguishable from the color (greys notwithstanding).  My new “No Poo” shampoos and conditioner is Morrocco Method.  I’m in love and never going back to another type of shampoo or conditioner.  My favs of their product are the apple cider vinegar and sea essences shampoos, and the pearl essence and diamond crystal mist conditioners.

And while I’ve found my shampoo and conditioner, I’m still searching for a solution to color my greys, and keep my hair a vibrant reddish auburn.  After my last time in the beauty salon chair, with the burning and itching, I’ve decided to forgo coloring my hair in the traditional way any more. Right now I’m currently considering Hennaing my hair using body art quality henna from  I’ve ordered my samples to try and will give my hair a chance to grow out a bit before taking the plunge on henna, so I can see how it will lay down on any growout I have from this last bout of commercial color.  I’m hoping henna is my ticket to grey coverage and my vibrant reddish auburn.  Stay tuned.

Keep nourishing your health through your skin, scalp and gut.